Air Vice Marshal DAVE ROGERS AM RAAF (Retd)


Dave Rogers from Cadet Under Officer in to Deputy Chief of the Air Staff.   


In between these two events he had many different adventures from:


Flying Sabres on operational missions during Confrontation with Indonesia.


Serving in Ubon, Thailand as part of Australia's contribution to SEATO and Vietnam.


Instructing on Vampires in Perth.


Completing the first F-111 training in the USA.


Converting to the F-4E Phantom and flying the delivery flight from St Louis to Amberley.


Commanding Officer of 6 Squadron on the F-111 and the newly-modified RF-111 reconnaissance version.


Ejecting from the F-111 near Auckland NZ.


Going back to the USA as the Hornet Project Manager in Washington DC.


And in 1994 his final appointments were on promotion to  Air Vice Marshal being appointed as Deputy Chief Air Staff and  Assistant Chief of the Defence Force (Development) until he retired in July 1998.


Since then he has served as Patron of the Pathfinders, 30SQN Beaufighters, a five year term as the Chairman of the Air Force Cadets National Council and other organizations. He is currently enmeshed in the historic car movement in the ACT.