Introducing Wing Commander (retired) Ken Mitchell,  DFC.  He flew Big Beasts, Fast Beasts and Slower Little Beasts


Ken kicked off his Air Force Career flying Lincolns, Dakotas and Neptunes.

He then totally changed his flying career when he was posted to Fighters.  This included flying Sabres in Malaysia during Indonesian Confrontation and in Ubon, Thailand during the Vietnam War.

He then completed a tour on Mirages at 76 Squadron.

In 1968, he was posted to Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller returning to fly Mirages again including a tour in Malaysia.

He then had a series of ground jobs in Airforce Office Canberra, at Staff College and at the Joint Intelligence Organisation.

Ken joined Customs in 1984 to introduce 3 Nomad Aircraft into service.

After this, he bought a business in Coffs Harbour and finally retired there.