Wing Commander (retired) David Robson

David was born in1944 in suburban London.  Kept in a crate under the kitchen table when the ‘Doodlebugs’ were overhead.  He was left with a visual memory of the Spitfires and later revelled in the stories of the fighter pilots. 

His family migrated to Australia in 1950. 

He loved Comics and radio serials - Biggles, Hop Harrigan and made Balsa models

With his family, he returned to UK in 1958.

He attended the Farnborough Air Show and watched 111 Squadron flying black Hawker Hunter aircraft (the Black Arrows).  He saw prototype Vulcan, Victor and Valiant aircraft flying as well as Javelin and Sea Vixen and many others.

He joined the Air Training Corps and went gliding and flying and parachuting. 

He won a flying scholarship and learnt to fly up to solo standard in Chipmunks at RAF Biggin Hill (the most famous fighter base from the Battle of Britain). 

David’s family returned to Australia in 1962.

He could not stay out of the air and in 1964, he joined the RAAF as Aircrew.

Listen in: David has had an astounding and colourful life in Aviation and associated roles, including being a Test Pilot,.  More varied than a patchwork quilt.