Richard on his entry into the RAAF flew fighters, both Sabre and Mirage.

In October 1968, he was posted to Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller with the United States Air Force flying the  O-1 Birddog.

After further time flying Mirages in Butterworth and then Flying Instruction,  he was posted the 442nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, USAF, Nellis Air Force Base on F-111As.  Following this, he became an F-111C, Aircrew Instructor at Amberley.

He then completed RAAF Staff College and became Staff Officer to Deputy Chief of Air Force

He then had a succession of postings:  Commanding Officer of No 1 Flying Training School, Personnel Plans (Officers),  Air War College with the United States Air Force; Director of Trainer Aircraft Project, Director of Studies, Joint Services Staff College.

He had a change of pace between 1989-1994 and joined the Department of Prime Minister and Australian Development Assistance Bureau.

This lead to Private Consultancy work specialising in Aboriginal Community Development.

Richard’s reflections say he is more a thinker than a do-er.   He likes being at the vanguard of organisational change.  Richard says “I sense intuitively the need for change and my mind winnows possible pathways of change from the complexities in the organisational environment.  As a change agent, I am committed to participatory change but reflexively pragmatic.