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SITREP Issue 4

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The Air Force Association New South Wales Division Newsletter, SITREP issue 4 is available for download by using the link 'Click Here to View the Document".

This is the fourth edition of SITREP, News and Views from the association members. The first issue being published in November last year.

The Association is very appreciative of the volunteer time and effort freely by Ian Gibson, Secretary of the Radar Air Defence Branch and editor of SITREP for producing four issues in the past twelve months. Association secretary Peter Ring promoted the idea that we needed to have a member's association newsletter, Ian's offer to volunteer and assist in the editorial role, being quickly accepted.

Our thanks to Ian and Peter for providing the Association members and the reading public visiting the website with the SITREP newsletter.

For the non-military educated readers, SITREP is a military term used for Situation Report.