After High School, for some reason was accepted into the RAAF Academy, which started almost 15 years of Air Force service.

Four years later, I graduated from the Academy and was then a member of the first CT-4 Pilot Course at Pt Cook and then, Macchi at Pearce..

First posting was to 34 Squadron at Fairbairn where I flew Mystere 20 with, coincidentally another member of the current State Council.

Then it was off to Richmond and 37 Squadron flying C-130E.  Some highlights there were meeting some of my extended relatives in Salsbury when we supported the Commonwealth Peace keeping forces to Rhodesia and to the Middle East in support of the MFO force there.  There was also the dubious experience of witnessing the "Ash Wednesday" firestorms in Victoria and South Australia in 1983 from the air as we conducted a "Southern Service".

This was followed by a ground posting as Operations Officer and Computer Systems Administrator at HQ Operational Command where we worked on the beginnings of a computerised Command and Control system.

The opportunity arose, and I left the Air Force and joined Qantas where I flew for 30 years on 747, 767 and A380 aircraft, before retiring.

I currently divide my time between the Air Force Association, looking after (with a brilliant team) the HARS Boeing 747-438 at Albion Park and RSAC, a disability support group here in Sydney.

I am particularly interested in helping people better use their home computer, make themselves more secure and save money with the wide variety of quality free software available.